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Network Management & Monitoring

So, your network has 70 servers, 24 switches, 120 APs and over 500 individual services to keep an eye on and there is just you. How do you cope? With a Monitoring System from LSP. Receive live updates with this customizable and extendable monitoring system. Keep an eye on server load, disk space, user counts, swap memory, uptime – the list goes on and on. We are happy to offer you a demo at your convenience.


Help Desk & Remote Support
With experienced engineers available to answer your questions and help troubleshoot problems, let LSP Technologies Inc be you first call. We have a flexible pricing plan to fit your day-to-day needs.

Remote Support: Have you ever seen someone telecommute to your site?
With the simple installation of a number of free remote support tools (some of which are installed by default with your servers) we can be at your server faster than we can drive to the site personally. How many times have you been charged for an onsite visit & travel only to find they can fix it in just a few minutes? Even worse, an engineer arrives onsite only to find that you need a part that’s back at the shop. Let us examine the problem remotely, fix it if possible or arrive in a timely manner equipped to address the issue there and then.
Consider the power of remote support: Service packs, users creation & maintenance and advanced troubleshooting can all be undertaken using your Internet connection. Realize the high up-times that today’s networks have to provide.

Security Note: All remote support is securely configured and strict access controls adhered to. Customers are reminded to disable remote support tools when they are not in use. Security of your network is as important to us as our own.