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A computer network is made up of physical devices and software.  In today's modern network the synergy between hardware and software within a comprehensive solution suite is key to providing an effective computer network design.

Cloud Services

Whether you are looking to leverage cloud file sync for your employees, back your data up to the cloud or host your virtual machines - we have a suite of solutions to customize to suit your specific needs.

Power Protection

From a small brown-out to a major power cut; keeping the power on to your hardware is a must in all aspects of your network.  Whether you need to keep the power on long enough for a user to save their work and shut their PC down graceful or if you need to keep your servers and switches running for a few hours during a major outage - we have solutions to fit any need.

Wired & Wireless Switching

From unmanaged SOHO switches at home to redundant chassis switches at the core of complex networks.  From a single VLAN to 802.q tagged vlans with voice, data and video sharing a common infrastructure.  From a single access point to a campus-wide, managed solution with radius authentication and tens of thousands of users.

3D Printers & Supplies

3D printers open up a whole new world of possibilities.  They put you in the drivers seat whether you are designing for business, home or educational uses.  From rapid prototyping to replacement parts, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

We are proud to offer the Best in Class 3D Printers & Supplies from MakerBot(R).